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Founded in Hong Kong since 1926, The Garden Company is one of the largest and most technologically advanced food enterprises in Greater China today. Garden's professional bakery expertise and strong R&D create values and growth for all partners from around the world.

Company History

Past Achievements

·Produced 90,000kg of Army Cracker in 7 days during the Sino-Japanese War (1937)

·First bakery in Asia to implement mechanised manufacturing processes (1952)

·First Gold award from the Monde Selection in the Hong Kong Food industry (1967)

·Launched the revolutionary Si-Si-Sic convenience pack (1979)

·Made the world’s largest ever moon cake, 400 pounds and 2-meter diameter, during the Hong Kong Food Festival (1986)


ISO9001 certification since 1997

BRC Accreditation

BRC Global Standard-Food


Garden's products won the Gold and Silver Medals several times at the pretigious Monde Selection